Want To Understand Your Child Better?
Gain Practical Insights Into The Motives That Trigger Your
Child's Behaviour & Build Your Child-Specific Parenting

Be the Agent of Building Healthy & Strong-Minded Children
Your conscious support & guidance to your child during the childhood is the basis for his or her healthy mind.
According to World Health Organisation report, supportive parenting is one of crucially protective factors for the development of good mental health.
  • Positive attachment & early bonding
  • Positive parent–child interaction
  • Social support of family
Your support & guidance makes the difference. Read more about how you can support your child's development here.
Gamealise is an interactive community and counselling platform tailored to support you on your parenting journey.
You will be provided your child's personality-specific insights and recommendations that you can apply in everyday situations. This enables you to tailor an optimal parenting strategy for your children depending on their personality.
You will be able to keep track of what worked and what didn't as well as create a set of best practices for each of your children.
You will be in a community of parents with similar children so that the advice and recommendations are more relevant.
You will have the possibility to consult with an area expert when the need arises.

How It Works
Let The Child Take The Personality Test
Let the child take the gamified personality assessment test that is specially tailored for children. The test is engineered to flesh out underlying traits, tendencies & personality dimensions.
Get Personalised Insights & Recommendations
Get customised analysis of your child's behaviour and personality, full of insights & specific recommendations tailored for you & your child.
Ask Advice From The Professionals
Ask your child specific questions from professionals & get their expert advice based on your child & his or her personality. You can also ask advice from other parents of children with similar personality.
Apply The Recommendations
Apply the practical suggestions & recommendations with your child on a regular basis & see the changes in him or her & in your relationship with them.
Rate The Recommendations
Rate how the recommendations worked & give feedback. This enables you & the other parents with similar child to find suitable solutions faster.
How Can Gamealise Be Your Parenting Assistant
We are here to assist you in your parenting journey.
Awareness Through Knowledge
Awareness is the first step in creating a different outcome. We provide you with your child specific knowledge from professionals & other parents.
Individuality First
Every person is a unique individual. We will provide you with your child's personality specific practical insights & recommendations.
Scientific Approach
Scientific approach will give the results! Personality test has been validated & proven to be effective in gaining insight into child's personality & motives behind his or her behaviour.
Professional Advice
With the support of professionals you can gain an understanding of your child's motives & the cause of any issues he or she might be having & get recommendations about how to address those problems.
3in1 Solution
Neatly packed bundle of your child specific personalised insights & recommendations & a full-on support team consisting of parents & psychologists to support you in bringing up children with strong mental health.
Save Time & Energy
There is a vast collection of personality specific solutions to different situations. All the prior work has been done by parents of similar children & experienced professionals. With this concentrated information You will save time & effort.
“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."
— Frederick Douglas
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