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Becoming familiar with your child's personality
will assist you in understanding why your child
acts the way he or she does.
“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."
— Frederick Douglas
How It Works
Here Is A Simple 5-Step Process To Becoming A Proactive Parent
Let Your Child Take The Personality Test
Let the child take the gamified personality assessment test that is specially tailored for 6 to 12 year-old children. The test is engineered to find out your child's tendencies & personality dimensions.
Gain Personalised Insights & Recommendations
Get customised analysis of your child's behaviour and personality, full of insights & specific recommendations tailored for you & your child.
Take Action & Make A Change
Apply the practical insights & recommendations with your child on a regular basis & see the changes in him or her & in your relationship with them.
Ask Advice From The Professionals
Ask your child specific questions from professionals & get their expert advice based on your child & his or her personality. You can also ask advice from other parents of children with similar personality.
Rate The Effectiveness Of The Advice
Rate how the recommendations worked & give feedback. This enables you & the other parents with similar child to find suitable solutions faster.
Did you know that your children's personality is influenced
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Become A Proactive Parent
Get to know your child better by finding out his or her personality to empower your child's growth depending on the inborn traits.
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