All-around support to bring up stronger and happier children
Equip yourself with personalised information to support the child's mental wellbeing and academic success
You have the power to Notice. Embrace. Empower. the children
What is CogniSpot?
CogniSpot is a support management and counselling platform for schools, kindergartens, and families to help them take a personalised approach to children's mental and academic development.

Virtual Intervention Assistant
Equips teachers and parents with evidence-based first-tier intervention strategies & connects them with support specialists for need-based intervention strategies.
Support Management & Monitoring System
Enables support specialists to plan multi-tier support system (MTSS) intervention plans, collaborate on implementation & monitor the progress.
Provide Observations & Explore Strategies
- Submit insights and observations about the child.
- Get an overview of observations and insights that are shared by others.
- Gain a deeper understanding of child's individuality.
- Explore the library of evidence-based intervention strategies tailored to a specifics child's individuality and needs.
Apply The Strategies & Rate Their Effectiveness
- Apply the provided interventions in everyday situations.
- Rate the effectiveness of the strategy & add additional comment & feedback.
- Take advantage of the personalised toolkit of strategies that the feedback loop has created.
Request & Provide Need-Based Advice
- Reach out to specialists for additional advice.
- Submit new experience-based or evidence-based instructions to the library of intervention strategies.
- Provide others with ad-hoc advice and instructions.
- Expand the instructions by providing new strategies.
Plan, Implement & Monitor The Progress
- Create collaborative support plans, register agreements & assign responsibilities.
- Track the progress of the support strategy & adapt it on the go.
- Stay in sync & communicate easily with all the stakeholder.
No amount of personalised learning will fill the soul-sized black hole we create when we fail to recognise a child's humanity.
by Randy Weiner, co-founder/CEO at BrainQuake
We are here to support you in...

The adults in a child's life hold valuable insights and knowledge about the child, which are the key elements in providing a personalised approach.

CogniSpot analyses all the provided insights and observations and equips teachers, parents, and support specialists with personalised strategies that are tailored to the child's individual needs.
It is vital for parents and teachers to communicate effectively with one another. Constant communication helps ensure that both schools and homes are responsive to the child's unique needs and therefore support his overall mental and academic development.

CogniSpot aligns all the adults to provide sufficient individualised support and equips them with common strategies and understandings to synchronise their approach.

Children develop and learn best when the significant adults in their lives - parents, teachers, and specialists - work together to encourage and support them.

CogniSpot utilises the power of technology to link teachers, parents, and specialists to an even sturdier web of mutual support than ever before.
Children are not things to be moulded, but people to be unfolded.
by Jess Lair
About us

CogniSpot is an Estonian startup dedicated to support adults in bringing up healthier and happier children.
Collaborating with different Estonian schools and kindergartens: Kuusalu Secondary School, Tallinna 32. Keskkool, etc.
Our team

Liina Põlluäär
Founder & CEO
Dan Matthews
Key Technical Advisor
Ph. D. Eva-Maria Kangro
Key Advisor of Research & Development
Krislin Raik
Advisor in Educational Science
Words from our contributors
It's easier to bring up strong children than to repair broken men.
by Frederick Douglas

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